In September 2019, Nintendo sued the pirate portal RomUniverse for facilitating copyright infringement of many Nintendo games, and even doing business with its premium accounts that allow, with a payment, to eliminate the limit of games that could be downloaded. the user. The defendant, Matthew Storman, defended himself by assuring that the website had not broken any law and that he had not uploaded any content – something that contradicts previous statements. The portal was closed and in the last days Judge Consuelo Marshall has ordered Storman to pay $ 2.1 million for the damage caused, a figure less than the 15 million dollars that Nintendo asked, but the company believes that it is enough.

“Given the defendant’s willful infringement, the court finds that $ 35,000 in legal damages for each infringed copyright […] compensate the plaintiff for the loss of income and deter the defendant who is currently unemployed and has already closed the website“Marshall says. It also decided not to issue a permanent injunction against Storman because Nintendo was unable to prove that it suffered irreparable harm, and the fact that Storman has already shut down the site shows that there is no imminent threat of further infringement. Full text can be read in PDF.

“This is a straightforward video game piracy case, and the material facts are indisputable,” Nintendo told the court. “For over a decade, the defendant Matthew Storman owned and operated the RomUniverse website. They populated the website with pirated copies of thousands of Nintendo games and distributed hundreds of thousands of copies of those pirated games.”

Almost 1 million downloaded copies of the latest Nintendo consoles

According to the figures provided by Nintendo’s legal representation, more than 300,000 copies of video games other than Nintendo Switch and more than 500,000 titles for Nintendo 3DS, but they are not the only consoles affected, and also the web had a huge catalog of classic games from other Nintendo machines, from other systems, and also offered access to books, comics, series and movies.

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