F-Zero It is a license that is not dead but needs “a great new idea” to return, as revealed by a former Nintendo employee. This idea could be the project presented by Giles Goddard, a former developer of Star Fox, Stunt Race FX, 1080 Snowboarding it is included Super Mario 64 -the deformable face of Mario in the game-, which I was studying the creation of a F-Zero with very realistic physics. In statements to GameXplain it is mentioned that his team presented a demo of this F-Zero to Nintendo but the idea was rejected on several occasions.

“At Vitei, after leaving Nintendo and starting my own company after Steel Diver Y Sub Wars, we tried to think of things to do and we thought it would be interesting to have a F-Zero ultra-realistic, still with futuristic graphics, but with real physics. We thought it would be something interesting to try. “The team did a technical demo on Nintendo Switch and PC to show the possibilities of their engine:” We had this cross-platform engine that worked on Nintendo 3DS, Switch, PC, whatever, so we did a demo of vehicles from F-Zero on a crazy track … Hundreds of AI vehicles competing. “

The most interesting thing about the prototype were its physical “too realistic” where the vehicle floated by four axes that gave a control based on physics, and in fact if the player damaged one of the engines the vehicle would begin to sink, and with another he could take a turn. “It was really fun, like a sandbox where you play and see what happens if you have an accident. “

Nintendo didn’t trust the team

Goddard comments that it did not succeed because Nintendo is very jealous about the use of its old licenses and that it is always preferable to present something original than to use an existing one. They had also fallen into a cyclical conversation with Nintendo that prevented progress: the studio asked for money to make the game, while Nintendo replied that they did not have enough staff to do such an ambitious project. “We were in this ridiculous dialogue wanting to make the game, pitching the idea, and then they told us we didn’t have enough people.”

In this same interview he mentioned his interest in making a new Star Fox pero sin “gimmicks”.

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