Nintendo launch their Switch mejorada, the supposedly called Switch Pro, this 2021 with a bigger screen, performance improvements thanks to technology Nvidia DLSS and accompanied by new games, according to the media Bloomberg. Neither Nintendo nor Nvidia have commented on the leak. of said medium, whose analysts point out that the system could cost close to 400 dlares (336.11 euros at the change).

This Switch Pro will have a new chip from manufacturer Nvidia to offer a better performance processor (CPU) and more memory. Also, be compatible with Deep Learning Super Sampling technology (DLSS), available on the company’s PC graphics cards.

DLSS uses the artificial intelligence to increase resolution games on screen by running them at a lower resolution. Developers they will need to update the games to be compatible with DLSS, according to several anonymous creators who have spoken with the aforementioned medium.

This technology will allow you to display games to resolution up to 4K when connected to TV. As for the console screen, they reaffirm that it is Samsung that offers a seven-inch OLED display (approximately the size of the standard switch without the frame) 720p resolution; The South Korean company stated in January its intention to expand its screens to video game consoles.

Nintendo Switch Pro

The same medium points out that Nintendo accompany the launch of this new Switch with new games that they will take advantage of new technologies and remember that the launch calendar is practically empty for the second half of the year; the third party more important will be released in August (No More Heroes 3) and the first party most importantly, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, in July.

The price according to analysts: between $ 350 and $ 400

An analyst from the firm Bloomberg Intelligence point out that the console will cost up to $ 100 more than today, although it is a prediction. “$ 349.99 will increase the value proposition of the device, but I think Nintendo may have strong demand even at $ 399.99,” he explains. Matthew Kanterman.

Nintendo Switch m

Nintendo informed in the presentation of its financial report corresponding to the quarter ended in December 2020 that they don’t plan to introduce a new Switch anytime soon, but at the same time they did not deny that they were working on a new console. When asked by an investor about the possibility of seeing a new model in 2021, the Japanese firm replied: “Not soon”.

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