A French store has listed in your internal systems the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro At a price of 398,80 euros, according to two photographs that are going through the networks and that have been shared by the French of @nintendalerts. In the same store, Boulanger, a pack of PlayStation 5 next to Ratchet & Clank: Una dimensin aparte for almost 600 euros. Neither Nintendo nor Sony have announced either product, so take this information with tweezers.

The image shared by Nintend’Alerts does not show a release date or no interesting details beyond the possible price and that the token is valid until December 31, 2039, which points to a placeholder. Regarding the PS5 pack detected by @StationOfPlay, Sony released several packs of PS3 and PS Vita with games from the series Ratchet, so it wouldn’t be a strange move. However the price of 598.76 Even though it is the standard edition of 500, it is more expensive than the console and the game would cost separately.

They are not the only listings that have been leaked, although they are the only one that we have been able to see. At dawn this Wednesday, the Twitter account @CenterLeaks reported that a big store had listed in your internal database something Switch hardware related. That product will be open to the public on June 4 (Friday) around midnight.

They claimed to have received and verified a screenshot of said database, specifically, a non-US listing of a US store. CenterLeaks, Linked to Centro Pokmon, is created in Costa Rica and Argentina. In another tweet, they claim to have seen another listing dated June 30, “probably a provisional reservation”, but they say that the date of June 4 is “strangely specific”.

The console will be announced before E3 2021 according to various sources

The middle Bloomberg reported last week that Nintendo Switch Pro was going into manufacturing in july with a distribution planned for September or October. They explained that announced before E3 2021, which is held from October 12 to 15, so that the publishers third party they can show games for her.

Since Vandal we could confirm some of the leaked details from the console: that will have a seven-inch OLED display, that output 4K signal when connected to a TV, that the dock has varied significantly, that the rear stand of the tablet has been changed and that the size is almost identical so that Joy-Con work. In addition, the worldwide release is uncertain and with units limited by the semiconductor crisis.

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