Nintendo Switch OLED is the new model of Nintendo’s hybrid platform: it was announced just two days ago, and it has presented a whole string of information about its characteristics and differences compared to the original version of Switch. But there was one last mystery to solve: his Joy-Con. Players were concerned that these controllers will again be prone to the call “drift“, and we have bad news for them: this new model will continue to use the same Joy-Con as the Nintendo Switch, as confirmed by a Nintendo representative.

OLED switch use the same Joy-Con as Switch

For those who do not know what is the drift: It is a defect of certain controllers, the PS5 DualSense also suffers from this problem, with which the stick sends input signals to the console when, in reality, it was in a neutral position. This causes, for example, the characters on the screen to move in certain directions without the player having “ordered” that action through the controller.

The hopes of the gamers lie in that, with the announcement of the new Nintendo Switch OLED, the Joy-Con that accompanied it were also new and did not present this dreaded drift. However, as reported from GameSpot, Nintendo has confirmed the bad news: The Joy-Con will be the same as the original Switch, so the drift problem could persist on these controls as well.

The OLED Joy-Con will be the same as the original Switch

Joy-Con controller configuration and functionality did not change with Nintendo Switch system (OLED model)“Said the Nintendo representative.” The configuration and functionality are the same as the Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch system. “Many gamers have been affected by this problem, with the Japanese firm promising to analyze faulty Joy-Con for future improvements.

The president of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, had to apologize for this defect in 2020. There are several pending lawsuits on the subject in the US courts, with the European Union investigating why this ruling and with a signature of Canadian lawyers also charging against the Big N in this regard.

Nintendo Switch OLED: Its launch and characteristics

The new OLED Switch model will be available in Spain and around the world this October 8, for a price of 349.99, which represents an increase of 20 euros compared to the price of the original Switch. The console is accompanied by a larger OLED screen, as well as better sound and more storage space, among other improvements. You can know all its details in our article.

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