Subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online allows the ability to play a wide variety of games. Classic NES and SNES titles with some slight improvements, such as being able to play in local cooperative and online with other users. The list of titles is expanded from time to time and Nintendo has announced the three new Super Nintendo titles that will be added to the existing catalog: Claymates, Jelly Boy Y Bombuzal. All three classic 16-bit video games will be available from July 28, 2021.

Two platformer titles and one puzzle title

Claymates It is a platform title that was carried out by the developer team after ClayFighter. Essential gameplay is about power transform into a variety of clay animals to beat the levels. Jelly Boy, for its part, is a platform game with a certain resemblance to the previous title and that it was only launched in Europe. In this classic title the player controls a hero made entirely of jelly and has the peculiarity that he can take different forms to get around obstacles. Finally, Bombuzal is a puzzle video game in which users must detonate all the bombs on an island without dying. As a curiosity, it was released on Super Nintendo as Ka-Blooey, although it has been renamed for this version.

As you can see in the comments of the original Nintendo publication, the titles have not been entirely well received by Nintendo Switch users. “Thank you Nintendo for giving us crumbs for paying online that should be free”, “Earthbound, please. Otherwise, I can not find a proof to pay for online, which still uses the Internet that I pay “or”How difficult is it to put games that users like?If nobody likes them, something is wrong, right? “Some users have commented. Nintendo promised a couple of weeks ago that they are working on increasing the attractiveness of Switch Online, so it is possible that users will receive the titles they want in the future.

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