It may not be the most worked and complete compilation, but Super Mario 3D All-Stars has given us the possibility to enjoy in Switch of three great Nintendo plumber classics, thus opening up the possibility for more players to discover for the first time or replay some of the best 3D platformer titles ever made.

Last days to buy Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Unfortunately, and for reasons that almost no one understands, Nintendo advised last year that the pack will cease to be marketed on March 31, 2021, date from which it will no longer be available in the console’s eShop and no more physical copies will be sent to stores.

The company explained that this move is due to the fact that they want the compilation to be a special and collectible product to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the company. Super Mario Bros., something that now Nintendo’s own website has wanted to highlight with a new message in which it is ratified that, indeed, the game will stop being sold on March 31. A reminder to warn players that they only have a few more days to get hold of it if they haven’t already.

Of course, once purchased in digital format we can download the program as many times as we wanteven if it stops being sold, so you don’t have to worry about losing the license when its commercial life ends.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars allows us to enjoy on Switch Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine Y Super Mario Galaxy. In the analysis that we dedicate to him in Vandal We commented that “it is a collection that we cannot not recommend. Yes, as a compilation and remastering it leaves something to be desired and it could have been done much better, but that does not mean that we are talking about three games that even without retouching of any kind they are still essential and far superior to the vast majority of productions that can be found on the market “.

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