Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection collect and remaster all three Ninja Gaiden of Team Ninja in their versions Signa -Y Razor’s Edge in the case of Ninja Gaiden 3-. It is already available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC, but although the quality of the games is beyond doubt, it is one of the great hack’n slash sagas of the last 20 years, the remastering work was more scarce resource. The worst part was the PC, with a version where there was no option to reach more than 60 images per second and the resolution change -between 720p, 1080p and 4K- had to be done manually in the Steam Library. Slowly Koei Tecmo is updating the game to correct the most common complaints.

After adding support for 1440p resolutions now update adds screen mode, resolution and vertical sync -VSync- directly in the options menu. There is also possibility to activate triple buffering, anti-aliasing, field blur and shadow option. These are not particularly revolutionary tweaks for computer games and should have been included initially, not a month after launch, but now players will be able to apply various enhancements or adjust the experience based on the performance of their computer.

A trilogue for fans of the genre, although it could be improved

“Maybe Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection offer us the worst versions of Ninja Gaiden Y Ninja Gaiden 2 in a remastering that is limited to doing the minimum required, but we cannot deny that it is a very interesting compilation that has reminded us how much we missed this magnificent trilogue, which even in its low hours shows why their games remain a benchmark for action and hack and slash“We counted on the analysis.” Could this collection have been so much better? Without a doubt, but if you like the series or want to discover it for the first time and do not have access to other editions of its first two installments, yesIt is a purchase option that is well worth evaluating“.

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Updated on PC

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