NiGHTS into Dreams, the 1996 classic for the Sega Saturn, fulfilled its 25th anniversary. The video game developed by the Sonic Team and produced by Yuji Naka himself, one of the creators of Sonic, instantly became a little cult gem for those who had the opportunity to acquire it at the time. The impeccable technical section and the revolutionary flight mechanics caught the attention of the gamers of the time, who have remembered it with affection in their messages on social networks.

Fans share their experiences with NiGHTS into Dreams

“Happy 25th anniversary of one of my favorite games of all time, NiGHTS into Dreams. I had fun playing the game when I was a kid and I loved everything from the stories, the characters, the bosses, the setting and the music too! “, Fayfay Barsiana comments enthusiastically through her personal Twitter account.” Happy 25th anniversary to NiGHTS! I didn’t even realize it was this year I introduced it to my daughter for the first time. I guess now I will finally have to pick up one of those Saturn memory cartridges to save our progress, “explains Erica Pinto happily for showing her daughter the saga.

The previous case is perfectly complemented by that of Peter, who relates that He has also taught the Sega video game to his children: “Happy birthday to one of my favorite games of all time, NiGHTS into Dreams. I didn’t have many Saturn games growing up, but I did have this one and I was blown away in many ways and really expanded my imagination as a child. Playing this with my own kids has been great. “In addition to comments from players who fondly recall the Sega Saturn must-have, there are some users who have wanted to express their enthusiasm for the through various of art and showing his title collection from NiGHTS.

Could we see a new installment in the future?

NiGHTS into Dreams is available in its HD version for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Even though some fans may have given up hope of seeing a new installment in the future after so long, the Sonic Team boss has not forgotten about NiGHTS and I could be thinking about his return. In the meantime, there are some players that they dream of their inclusion on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the last installment of the saga for Nintendo Switch, although it is something quite unlikely. You would like a triumphant return of NiGHTS?

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