Amazon It seems that he has finally hit the key when creating a video game that attracts players or, at least, that seems after the success during the last hours of the game. beta from New World, its MMO that has been delayed three times to include various improvements before its final release that will take place on August 31.

Yesterday Amazon started what to be the final closed beta from New World with which they want to fine-tune the stability of the servers and correct the latest bugs important before the game reaches our computers, a test that has attracted the glances of many fans to RPG MMOs who have been interested in the Amazon title in the last hours

So much so that the game has positioned as the most sold on Steam during the last hours (buying it guarantees access to this beta) and also as one of the most played, remaining in sixth place with a peak of 190,811 players, with only giants like CS: GO, DOTA 2, PUBG, GTA V and Apex Legends ahead.

The success has not only been in the number of players since the title, according to Daniel Ahmad’s data, has also achieved a 720,000 peak concurrent viewers on Twitch who have been interested in watching the MMO and who also want to get exclusive cosmetic items that can be obtained by watching New World live on the streaming platform.

The last delay was related to end game content

Amazon announced the latest delay to New World last February pointing out that they needed a bit more extra time to “polish up the end-game features that we thought were important to include from launch.

The two previous delays occurred, first of all, due to the coronavirus that affected this and many other games and secondly to meet the demands of players after an alpha, who asked for more content so Amazon preferred to postpone the game to add new features and make all kinds of improvements to ensure “about what the most dedicated players have many experiences during the main game and after finishing it. We want players to feel fully immersed in the game. “

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