New World, Amazon’s MMO is succeeding with its closed beta – it launches on August 31 – and its almost 200,000 players. However, a number of users have experienced problems and several messages on social networks spoke of how the game was doing. “killing” cards and specifically the RTX 3090. Several media have echoed the news before the high number of messages and Amazon itself has responded to the complaints noting that it is a small percentage of the player base and that it is launching a patch to limit the framerate a loose man, most likely cause of burnt hardware.

“Hundreds of thousands of people have played the closed beta of New World, with millions of hours in total. We have received a few news of gamers using high-performance cards experiencing hardware failures when playing games. New World“admits Amazon Games.” To reassure gamers, we will implement today a patch that limits the frames per second on the menu screen. We appreciate the support that New World is receiving from players around the world, we will continue to hear your feedback with the beta and beyond. “

A problem that burned the cards

The cause of this problem seems to be that the menu screens did not have a limitation of images per second, something that caused powerful computers – for example those with RTX 3090 – to work without limit until ms the 9000 fps with the simplest screens, a figure that if kept for a while burned the cards.

For the moment New World aims to be the first success of Amazon Studios, a developer who had not had luck with other projects: Crucible, its shooter multiplayer, it was canceled just five months after its release, while the MOBA Breakway ended up in a drawer two years after its official announcement.

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