Factor 5, the development study behind titles like Lair O Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, was developing the PS3 era a video game inspired by the most famous DC superhero. Superman: Man of Steel it costs him close to developer, a fact in which you can deepen in our report of What could be. From MP1ST they report that the user Salvatrix on YouTube and Twitter has published new information about the title, in addition to new gameplay to appreciate how the game would have been canceled.

Man of Steel was going to be an open world with combat

In the first video that the user attaches, we can see the speed at which Superman could move through the wide open world. The character could perform all kinds of stunts to avoid buildings and even sprint through the streets. We can also see firsthand the combat system, which allows you to deliver all kinds of blows to enemies and grab objects from the street such as cars to launch them against the objectives. Of course, Superman: Man of Steel did not forget some of the character characteristics skills, such as the possibility of shooting red rays from the eyes or spitting out cold breath.

The second gameplay shows a considerably more advanced appearance; the most striking details are that Superman wears his iconic red cape and that the environments are much more polished, as well as the combat animations. The video shows us a fight in which the normal combat system is combined with some sections guided by quick time event as we can see thanks to the Dualshock 3 in the upper right corner. A feature shared by both videos is the ability to crash enemies into buildings and go through them as if they were made of paper, something that shows how ambitious the scenario destruction system for the time.

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