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PS5 o Xbox Series X/S? PS4 or Xbox One? Whatever your favorite console, in GAME they have a selection of merchandising from both companies so you can wear your favorite colors. All these products from PlayStation and Xbox are already available both in stores and in

PlayStation merchandise available in GAME

  • Taza Playstation Core, so you can enjoy the best breakfast in your favorite PlayStation mug.
  • Gorra Playstation Core, show off your style this summer with this top cap.
  • Cartera Playstation Core, with various compartments and finishes of your favorite console.
  • PS5 Cap, so that you show off in front of everyone with the comfort you have.
  • PS5 bottleRefresh yourself with all the power of the new Sony console!
New PlayStation and Xbox merchandise in GAME.

Xbox merchandising available in GAME

  • Xbox wallet, so you can keep your cards and cash in the wallet of the most powerful console in the world.
  • Xbox Mug, so you can have breakfast as a Master Chief in this incredible Xbox mug!
  • Xbox Cap, because this summer it’s time to show off your favorite console, and green is your color.

Below you can see one gallery with images of all PlayStation and Xbox merchandising available at GAME.

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