Fable for Xbox Series X and PC was announced at the Xbox Games Showcase on July 23, 2020, being a game highly anticipated by the gaming community. It will be a reboot or reboot from the legendary designer’s classic RPG Peter Molyneux, which was quite a revolution at the time due to its depth in decision-making that directly affected the story and our character in all aspects. Following the closure of Lionhead Studios five years ago, this return of Fable they will take care Playground Games, the British studio responsible for the acclaimed saga Forza Horizon.

Beyond the first announcement, little else has been known about the new video game. Even so, during these last days some information has been leaked that could be of relevance in order to know more details of the expected RPG. The last detail that we are aware of is that the game could be being developed with the same graphics engine as Forza Horizon, el ForzaTech. This information comes from a job listing, more specifically from the website Careers at Microsoft. In this list it is specified that the game will be run with the engine ForzaTech.

What other information does the listing contain?

The list is also accompanied by a description that could serve to reinforce suspicions about the engine: “ForzaTech is the engine, the tools and the channels that drive the series of games. Forza Motorsport Y Forza Horizon. In addition to adding new functions such as ray tracing For the next generation of consoles, we are also enriching the toolset to support an open world action RPG: Fable“. This information might suggest that Fable It would have the most remarkable characteristics of the engine such as ray tracing, but it is a fact that is still to be confirmed. Additionally, the list gives credits to the Turn 10 Studios, so it can be assumed that they will be supporting the development of the game together with Playground Games.

It seems that we will have to wait a while until we receive more official information and images from Microsoft about the development of the new Fable. What do you expect from the new installment of the role-playing saga? Surely in E3 2021 to be held in June we will have new news about the game.

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