In the last hours several prestigious international media such as Bloomberg O Eurogamer they have ensured that the announcement of the new model of Nintendo Switch is imminent, and that will occur before E3 2021, which begins on June 12. Now we offer you some unpublished details of the new Switch, that we have told you in our weekly Vandal Radio podcast, and that we are going to reproduce next.

A size very similar to the current Switch model, but a larger screen thanks to the elimination of the bezels

All this information comes from an Asian peripheral manufacturer who has had access to the console and has already been able to see it, so almost all the details are from the static part and we do not know specific information about its internal hardware, beyond what provide 4K image output when connecting it to a television, as has been rumored for months.

The new model does not change
The new model will hardly change its size but by eliminating the black frames it will have a larger screen.

The size of the console will be very similar to the original model, so it seems that be compatible with current Joy-Con as well as other types of peripherals. The screen will be larger, up to 7 inches, but without the body of the console having increased, something that has been achieved by virtually remove frames blacks surrounding the current model screen. A screen to be YOU ARE, as you have pointed out for a long time, so the image quality will be better than the current LCD screen.

A more robust way to support the console

A novelty in the body of the console is that replaces the current bracket to support it, somewhat flimsy, for a base that goes from side to side of the console and that will hold it more stable, similar to what some tablets like the Surface Pro have that you can see in the following image.

New exclusive details of Switch Pro: screen, size

Another change is that microSD card to expand the memory of the console no longer goes to the bottom, and This slot is now located on one side of the rear, more accessible, although again under the support to support it.

What’s new in the dock, which will have an ethernet port

The new dock will have a size quite similar to the current one, although it will be a little wider at the rear, and will include two new features. USB 3.0 ports, faster than the current 2.0. Of course, the most outstanding novelty of the dock will be to have an ethernet network port, to be able to connect it by cable to the internet, something unheard of in a Nintendo console since it has always been necessary to resort to peripherals to have this type of connectivity.

Nuevo dock Nintendo Switch

Release date

The various information that appeared yesterday pointed to an imminent announcement and a release date for September or October. Our sources have told us that indeed the console is already in the process of final production, but that the global launch is uncertain, and that may not arrive in Europe until the end of November, and with a fairly limited number of consoles compared to previous brand launches. You already know the current semiconductor crisis that is affecting the new generation consoles, and the new Switch is not going to get rid of them, as the president of the company himself recognized.

If the information of the last hours is true, The new Switch will be announced in the next two weeks, so we will solve all kinds of doubts about this new model of the Nintendo console that has been talking about for too long.

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