Next May 25, it will reach stores in Spain and the rest of the planet Biomutant, a long-awaited open-world action role-playing adventure with an emphasis on exploration and hand-to-hand combat that when presented in 2017 attracted a lot of attention for its technical section.

Before its expected arrival THQ Nordic (who will be in charge of publishing the game) and Experiment 101 (developer that is giving life to the project) have released several gameplays of this new work in which we can see the same section running both in PC como en PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One y Xbox One X.

As you can expect depending on each version we will find the title working at a different resolution and fps rate and, for example, starting with the version of PC (you have the gameplay right down here), we find a catch to 4K y 60 fps although compatible players will be able to enjoy the game without limit in the rate of images per second to take full advantage of their hardware and their monitors with high refresh rates:

Regarding the gameplays for console (you will find first the one for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X and then the one for PS4 and Xbox One) in the case of consoles MS powerful of the past generation Biomutant run to 1080p and 60fps betting on the dynamic resolution to maintain the fps rate while PS4 y Xbox One “base” they will also move the game to 1080p dinmicos but 30 fps:

The duration will be from 12 to 65 hours depending on how we want to play the game

Biomutant offer us an adventure that take 12-15 hours in length to complete your main campaign quickly While if we want to play calmly, complete secondary and explore the game to the fullest, we will have to invest about 65 hours to get everything that the game offers.

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