The world of video games and the streaming market continue to bring positions closer together. As suggested last May, the new information suggests that it seems that Netflix will add video games to its subscription service sometime next year; although there is also talk that the company offers a separate platform in the style of Apple Arcade. In fact, Reed Hastings’ company hired Mike Verdu (EA and Facebook / Oculus veteran) as “vice president of video game development”; which would imply that the company also hopes to shape its own titles. At the moment, it seems that video games will be added to the catalog as one more genre.

Netflix and the world of video games

Since the premiere of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch The platform’s interest in these narrative forms was discovered, which allow viewers to better immerse themselves in the story and be part of what happens through decision-making. Now, however, it looks like the streaming giant is going a step further. As they point out from Bloomberg, Netflix will have plans to offer video games in the same way that it offers movies, series or documentaries.

The idea is to offer video games on the Netflix streaming platform over the next year, according to a person familiar with the situation, “they write in the middle. In this way, video games would appear in the catalog library as a new genre, in the same way that documentaries or monologues have their own section . “Currently, the company does not plan to charge more for this content.said the person, who asked not to be identified because the deliberations are private. “

“The idea is to offer video games on the Netflix transmission platform”

Although the idea of ​​a company dedicated to the world of film and television making a foray into the world of video games may seem a bit strange, the truth is that Netflix has an open war on several fronts and you need to respond to all your “adversaries”. As Netflix expressed last 2019: “We compete for entertainment time”.

Netflix does not compete only against Amazon Prime, HBO Max or Disney +: Netflix fights to conquer entertainment time, and that includes the same video games or traditional television. In other words: Netflix wants to expand its presence on the home television, and it is up against anyone who tries to sell content that is played on the television. Which points directly to video game companies: a market where it was a matter of time that I wanted to set foot.

Netflix competes for users’ entertainment time

Netflix, with more than 200 million subscribers worldwide, plans to build “his video game equipment in the next few months“According to the person familiar with the matter.” The company has already begun to advertise positions related to game development on its website. “It is very possible that the executives of the company have their eyes on Microsoft’s growing success with Game Pass, your successful subscription service that you could receive a cheaper option.

This invasion by viewing-time policies has already begun to flourish in the sector: as echoed from Gamasutra, Google will reward developers based on the time players spend on their games. “This is a natural extension of their Netflix content strategy.”, assesses Geetha Ranganathan, BI analyst in statements collected by Bloomberg. “Help deepen engagement and increase service appeal and pricing power.”

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