Necromunda: Hired Gun will drag us into its frenzied action the next June 1, at which point this title of Streum On Studio Y Focus Home debut in Spain and around the world in digital format. Available in PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One y PC, in physical format the June 30th. Meanwhile, in today’s preview we will have the opportunity to meet who will be our best friend during this adventure: a mastn than not hesitate to launch into combat with us. In a video titled Friends forever, we can take a look at the dynamics between these two characters.

Necromunda: Hired Gun, in hostile terrain

From Streum On Studio they invite us to travel to the city of Necromunda, a wild place where anything goes. Players will embody a bounty hunter who makes a living accepting contracts and employing your complete arsenal to successfully fulfill the orders. Also, in today’s video we discovered that we can be accompanied by a four legged friend to give us a cable when it comes to fighting.

“In true RPG style, presntate and Martyr’s End, the center of all things bounty hunting and more in your little corner of Necromunda, “write the developers. The mechanics of our work are simple: pick a contract, prepare the equipment, and go out there with your canine friend to track targets. The use of the hook or the ability to run on the walls allow us to approach our prey from different angles.

The tr

A mastiff will be our faithful companion in battle

Set in the world of Warhammer 40.000, industrial chemical laboratories, strengths and many more scenarios will open in our path, as we take care of completing our mission. Once we have achieved our goal, we will return to Martyr’s End for a drink. Also, when we are back, we can take advantage of increase the capacities and abilities of our character and our dog.

The characteristic power knife, grenade launcher, or graviton gun will be some of the weapons that we will have at our disposal. At Martyrs End we can take our time to prepare our equipment and find cybernetic improvements that best fit our style of play. “Specialize your character, grow in power and, very soon, become your target’s worst nightmare“.

Incentives of the physical edition of the game

We remind you that Necromunda: Hired Gun be available in digital on June 1, on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One y PC; while in physical format debut the June 30th. It should be noted that players who choose to purchase the physical edition of the game will receive the hunter rewards pack– Includes merchant-themed cosmetic changes for your mastiff knife, gun, suit, and chew toy.

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