Focus Home Interactive and StreumOn Studio have announced a new game in which they are collaborating: it is about Necromunda: Hired Gun, a Frenzy-paced first-person shooter shooter with brutal action that coming June 30 to PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. Today his first trailer was shown gameplay and its physical edition has been confirmed to arrive in Spanish stores the same day of its launch.

Necromunda: Hired Gun is set in the dystopian cityscape of Games Workshop’s Necromunda, set in the universe Warhammer 40.000, an environment in which gangs fight to survive in this hive city out of the most horrendous futuristic nightmares. You can see his first trailer below:

As we can see in the previous trailer, Necromunda: Hired Gun is a First person shooter game with fast and brutal style that seeks to offer players multiple possibilities to face their enemies. Can wall run, double jump, hook to run towards the enemies or to disarm them All this before improving our equipment, something that seems to be a fundamental part of the game: “Everything from your brain to your legs to your dog can be improved as you collect money from your contracts, “says the official description.

The dog It will also be an important element in the playability of this new title. Be this cybernetic mastn the only and true partner who will accompany us in our contracts: “Half dog, half robot and willing to kill for you in exchange for sweets”, are defined by those responsible. During the fighting the dog can warn us that there are enemies, kill rivals and protect us from them. In return we will have to keep him healthy with increases that we can purchase for him.

As we said at the beginning, Necromunda: Hired Gun also arrive in a physical edition distributed in Spain by Koch Media, a version that will also bring with it the whole Hunters Bounty, which brings a new look for the knife, revolver, suit and dog toy.

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