Epic Games Store He has finally revealed what his next free game will be, a mysterious title that he had hidden last week instead of announcing it as usual. When the store does not specify which game it is going to give away it is because it is usually a particularly interesting title and this time it has not disappointed: anyone who wants it can access their account to obtain free NBA 2K21 for PC and keep it in the library forever. Be available until Thursday, May 27 at 5:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time).

NBA 2K21 they were released less than a year ago, specifically in September 2020, and its usual price in the Epic Games Store is 59,99 euros. During this week it can be obtained completely free of charge through this link; without the need for a subscription or a payment account: just by claiming it and adding it to the library, it will stay there forever and without having paid a penny for it.

The latest installment of the basketball simulator has been very well received by its fans: “NBA 2K21 has cleared all doubts and makes it clear that, despite its playable defects since it is not a revolutionary installment, it has its own personality, a lot of content and interesting news, becoming a must for fans of the saga“, we say of the game in our analysis.

The 10 euro coupon is back; Next week another secret game

The gift of NBA 2K21 Serves as the starting gun for the new Super Deals on the Epic Games Store, a promotional period that we have already seen previously in the PC digital store and whose main claim is the 10 euro cupn that any user can claim to apply in the purchase of games of more than 14.99 euros. In addition, the next free game in the store be a mystery game again, so we can most likely expect an interesting free title next week.

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