Naughty Dog has a first summary of what will be the script of The Last of Us 3, although right now they are not working on this sequel. Creative director Neil Druckmann hopes one day will come true, but it doesn’t seem like the studio’s most immediate project, which launched Part 2 last year and, according to rumors, he will be collaborating on the remake of the original – an idea that started at VASG-; A series is also underway for HBO with Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey and Gabriel Luna in the title roles.

Druckmann reveals the news in the Script Apart podcast where he talks about the writing process of The Last of Us Parte 2 and, briefly, the theme of its sequel is touched on: “I don’t know how much I want to tell … Halley Gross -co-writer- and I We have written an outline of the story that we are not working on, but I hope that one day I can see the light; explore a bit what happens after the end of this game –Part 2-. We’ll see. “Although the study admits it has argued internally about Part 3, The truth is that “These games take a long time to make” and Naughty Dog spent seven years studying Part 2. “You want to make sure you are excited about the idea you have, which is a challenge.”

“Now we have two games -of The Last of Us– which I think they speak of something universal and tell a very personal story for these characters. With a game there is no pattern of what the saga is. With two, now you start to see the general idea, I think there is a structure and themes that you should approach if you make a third game“.

Naughty Dog already has the ideas from The Last of Us Part 3, but it doesn't work on the game

Naughty Dog studies their next big project

Aside from Factions 2 -the multiplayer game of The Last of Us Parte 2 released independently – and the rumored remake of the first The Last of Us They will be studying their next project. “It takes us time to explore different ideas, be it The Last of Us 3, something new or going back to an old saga, “says Druckmann. However, co-chair Evan Wells confirmed that they are not working on a new Jak & Daxter. “I want to explore all of that and say ‘okay, we have all these ideas. As a study, what do we want to engage in? Because it is a huge task, economical, of time, passion and talent, so you have to think about all the investment involved. “

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