Wars between video game fans is something that is sadly still very much in our days. When we do not see heated and unhealthy discussions on networks and forums about which console or platform is better, the disputes become between sagas and titles of the same genre. The latter is something that has been seen in the world of MMORPGs among fans of Final Fantasy XIV Y World of Warcraft, the two great benchmarks in the market, a rivalry that has led many players to triumphantly assure that the Square Enix game has “defeated” the Blizzard giant, some statements that respond to the rebound in users it has received in recent years. months.

The game that Final Fantasy XIV aspired to be

However, a Naoki Yoshida, el director de Final Fantasy XIV, does not like anything that the public speak in these terms about this situation, as he himself has clarified in his last statements: “Blizzard is aware of all this, but without World of Warcraft, A Realm Reborn would not exist“.

“WoW was the game we constantly watched and studied. Our goal was to recreate a version of World of Warcraft style of Final Fantasy, the ones that say we have won or lost against WoW It is something that is wrong and out of place from the beginning, since that was the game we aspired to be. “

Regarding this question, Yoshida also wanted to comment that the peak of 12 million subscribers that WoW reached is something that he believes is totally beyond the reach of Final Fantasy XIVas it is an overwhelmingly high figure. Still, he is very satisfied with the rate at which his MMO is growing, as it is considerably higher than he expected.

“The hard work we have invested in Final Fantasy XIV had its reward, “Yoshida continued.” But All these discussions about surpassing WoW they are out of place and really irritating“.

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