Bethesda and its library of games are preparing to live a new stage as part of Xbox Game Studios, after Microsoft’s purchase of ZeniMax Media has been made officially. After a score of titles from the firm have been added to the Game Pass catalog, Xbox plans to do more with several of those games in the coming weeks and months. For example, implement FPS Boost technology in them facing your presence on the consoles Xbox Series X/S.

Bethesda y el FPS Boost en Xbox Series X/S

Technology FPS Boost It allows double the rate of images per second on certain games that are backward compatible with Xbox Series X / S. In a recent post in Xbox Wire, the green house announced so much the arrival of this set of games to the Game Pass library; but he also pointed out that some of these titles also you will soon enjoy the support to make use of the FPS Boost en Xbox Series X/S.

This announcement also coincides with interface update, launched this week, which adds quick access to FPS Boost. During Microsoft’s panel discussion yesterday to address Bethesda’s arrival in its line of study, the Redmond company also noted that has more news to share “soon” regarding the firm’s games.

Some Bethesda games on Game Pass will benefit from FBS Boost

Although games like Fallout 4 They already have an improved frame rate for Xbox Series, the truth is that it does not yet have the increase that FBS Boost provides. So It will be interesting to see how certain Bethesda games improve by making use of this feature.. Titles as fast and frenzied as DOOMFor example, they will gladly embrace this functionality, allowing players a much smoother and more comfortable experience.

Bethesda’s Future on Xbox: What About Their Upcoming Games?

Meanwhile, from Redmond they have also wanted to answer the question that we all ask ourselves: what will happen to future Bethesda games. During the panel discussion, the Xbox boss Phil Spencer wanted to point out the following: the next Bethesda games will be exclusive on those platforms where Xbox Game Pass is available.

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