As today, ago 15 to, Mother 3 launched in Japan. This is how we celebrate its fifteenth anniversary, since the game never left that country: neither in Spain nor in the rest of the western markets have we yet been able to enjoy this installment of the saga Earthbound, at least not officially. This might have been a good time to finally see the coveted translated version of this video game classic released, but it seems that Nintendo is not up to the task.

Shigesato Itoi, creador de la saga, s wanted to celebrate the birthday of Mother 3 posting a series of illustrations on your personal Twitter account. The author has spoken on more than one occasion about the future of the series: while he prefers to stay away from the creation of new installments, he assures that he would have no problem in seeing how other people take the reins of Earthbound.

To get Mother 3 to the West for its 15th anniversary?

As for a possible launch of Mother 3 in the West, with its corresponding localization to several languages, there seems to be no hope: when Reggie Fils-Aim was president of Nintendo America there was a lot of talk about a possible release of the game, not least because He said himself that it had an English version that he hadn’t played yet.. Still to this day, Reggie is still asked about this release and he, as you can see in the tweet inserted under these lines, he takes it with humor.

In 2019 we saw rumors that Nintendo will have halted the launch of Mother 3 in the west Because some game topics could be controversial today, something that would require an edit that the company was unwilling to do. For now there is no official information about a possible publication of this delivery.

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