The film industry is betting more and more on video games, and although specialized criticism is still usually rather negative, box office successes such as Sonic The Movie Y Detective Pikachu are encouraging increasingly important productions on the big screen – the adaptation of Borderlands promises a great cast – or on television – case of The Last of Us for HBO and Netflix animated series, such as Castlevania-. Now Greg Russo, writer of the last Mortal Kombat and the next Saints Row has dropped to be involved in another adaptation and also this time in management.

“I have not written on Twitter in a long time. Excited to say that I’m closing a deal to adapt one of the big FPS –first person shooter, or first person shooter game – of all time and not only for writing, but for directing. Excited to have some creative control … The details will come very soon, “says Russo in his personal account without giving hints of the game or saga to which he refers. Half-Life? New movie Doom? Wolfenstein? Duke Nukem? Halo is running as a series and the last we know of the movie of Call of Duty is that the project was stopped.

The comments on Twitter have tried to guess the license but the only thing that can be clear is that It’s not about Turok, one of the names mentioned: “I tried, I swear I tried,” Russo responds.

Mortal Kombat returned this year

The last film of Mortal Kombat brought NetherRealm’s fighting saga back to the big screen – it received two adaptations in the 90s – and lays the groundwork for future, yet unconfirmed sequels. It focuses on the new character Cole Young and the rivalry between Sub-Zero and Scorpion, as well as defending Earth against Outworld warriors. It brought in about 83 million dollars with a budget of 55 million in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic – which is why they are simultaneously premiered on HBO Max.

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