The popularity of Grand Theft Auto V more than seven years after its premiere (it was the best-selling physical format game in Spain last year) has a common explanation in all systems: that Grand Theft Auto Online It is updated with new content week and week as well. But on PC, in addition, Rockstar’s game is among the most played and sold month after month thanks to the numerous mods existing, both playable and visual. The creation of Nb.Design is one of the latter, but much more ambitious than a simple modification: your intention is to make a remake of GTA 5 to take advantage of the latest processors and graphics cards.

The mod “Nb Visual” can be seen in action in the trailer above these lines. It is a set of additions that improve the lighting, which combines different filters in the image, which incorporates effects not present in the original work and that uses assets and own modeling. It is currently available in early access; below you can see how it has improved in the March update (the trailer for this paragraph is from December 2020).

Nb Visual is not a mod free, at least for now. Those interested can support its creation on Patreon: for 2 euros per month they have access to development news; from 9 euros you can participate in the development roadmap and download the mods in early access; and by 17.50 euros per month (plus taxes) you can ask Nb.Design to make you a mod personalized.

Rockstar works on GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S

Although we do not yet know what enhancements to include, Rockstar Games is working on adapting Grand Theft Auto V to new generation of consoles. The release date of these versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S nor if those improvements will reach the compatible, but I know there will be exclusive content of GTA Online for these editions.

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