On Monday of last week we echoed unofficial information about Grand Theft Auto VI spread by the insider Tom Henderson, who had previously leaked credible details about Battlefield 2042 and the saga Call of Duty. Renowned American journalist Jason Schreier (Kotaku, Bloomberg) has gone through his Twitter account to certify Henderson’s words. Also, from the middle VGC they also attest to having heard the same thing as the leaker.

Henderson said the sixth numbered installment in the Rockstar Games saga still has years of development left, pointing to a release date of 2024, 2025 or even the end of that year. Add that the plot will put players in command of various protagonists, including a woman. The story will unfold in a Vice City actual whose territory will be expanded with updates.

Schreier has responded to a Twitter thread saying, “I don’t know why everyone thinks I said that Grand Theft Auto VI was due out in 2023. Everything Tom Henderson has said about gambling agrees with what I have heardThe journalist pointed to the podcast Triple Click, a year and a half before the coronavirus pandemic that has affected the development of the title, that 2023 was a more realistic date (as a launch date) than 2021, but at no time did it say that it will come out in that year.

In April 2020, the American journalist assured in Kotaku what Grand Theft Auto VI will be released as a title of “moderate size” that will be expanded over time, both in size of the stage and in playable novelties, something that fits with what Henderson points out in his video and with Rockstar’s own strategy with Grand Theft Auto Online. On his side, from the middle VGC they say, “This too fits with what VGC ha odo about the next set of GTA by their own sources. “

GTA 5 Coming to PS5 and Xbox Series November 11

Rockstar Games has not shared any details of the sixth numbered installment in the series. Grand Theft Auto V It will be released “expanded and enhanced” on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S on November 11, 2021.

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