If you are regular players of Monster Hunter It probably made your mouth water at the gigantic plates of food that our hunters shove between their chests and backs when we go to the canteen before going on a mission. Now, the YouTube channel Babish Culinary Universe has not wanted to miss the opportunity to recreate in real life one of the most spectacular menswear that we can eat in Monster Hunter World, reason why They have published a video where they show us step by step how to cook it in our homes.

Monster Hunter mens in real life

Just like in the game, The menu is truly beastly and includes a complete chicken, three gigantic skewers with meat and prawns, a huge hunk of cheese, rice with various ingredients, mussels and, of course, a good mug of beer.. It cannot be denied that the end result looks very good, although if you are thinking of preparing all this you may want to invite your friends or family so that you do not have too much food and that it does not go to waste.

The success of Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is currently enjoying great popularity in the market and after the sales success of Monster Hunter World, the best-selling title in Capcom history, now continues to sweep the recent release Monster Hunter Rise in Nintendo Switch, game that the past was thrown March 26th in Spain and the rest of the world and that it has already managed to exceed 5 million units sold.

If you want to know more about this game, we encourage you to take a look at the analysis that we dedicate to it, where we conclude that it is “a game with which Capcom has managed to take their hunting to a new level polishing its mechanics to unsuspected levels, introducing a multitude of quality of life improvements and providing a large number of novelties that make this installment the most fun and satisfying to play in the entire series, not to mention its overwhelming audiovisual section or its exquisite bestiary “.

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