A website has just been launched to Monarch, which seems to be the next game of the excreters of Megami Tensei Y Shin Megami Tensei. In addition, the project also has its own official Twitter and LINE. It seems to be about a new role-playing game located in a school, and the next June 10th in the new number of Weekly Famitsu. We tell you what is known so far about the project.

Monarch, a new title from the creators of Shin Megami Tensei

If we access the web page, we can discover that they appear a whole list of names if we scroll down. Most of them are unreadable, but there are four that can be perfectly distinguished: Kazunari Suzuki, Ryotaro Ito (probablemente un error tipogrfico de Ryutaro Ito), Tsukasa Masuko y Aya Nishitani. This team has previously been in charge of working on the games of Megami Tensei Y Shin Megami Tensei, one of the main role-playing sagas in Japan.

The web portal also has a Japanese phone number (050-3204-4961). Since Gematsu narrate what happens if we call this phone number: there will be some struggling and a scream, followed by a male voice saying something like ‘Finally. I’ve been waiting for you, silly and precious child. ‘. They have also put the magnifying glass on the source code of the page, which seems to reveal some more information about the game’s approach.

“At last. I’ve been waiting for you, silly and precious boy.”

“Four options. Four destinations”, it reads in the code. “The choice must be made by your ego. All who enter here abandon all hope.” It has also been revealed that the common domain name is cs.furyu.jp, which seems to indicate that it is a game that comes from the hand of the company FuRyu, what is detrs of The Caligula Effect, The Legend of Legacy O Alliance Alive.

At the moment, no more information about the video game is known Monarch: we are waiting for you development studio, publisher and platforms revealed in which to be available. It seems that The mystery will be solved on June 10, when more details of the project are shared.

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