Mojang Studios has recently updated the Java version of Minecraft and some users who are responsible for managing the wiki the game have noticed a noticeable absence on the title screen. It’s about a guide to 4chan website, which has apparently been removed without mentioning it in the update patch notes. Said reference to 4chan was existing in the game for month from 10 to, but that has been completely erased in the new patch 1.17.

Minecraft Java Edition removes the reference to 4chan in its update 1.17

The welcome text from the home screen “Woo,/v/!” I was referring to 4chan, site in which the initial success of Minecraft. Own father of Minecraft, Markus “Notch” Persson, was in charge of promoting the video game through 4chan and attracted the attention of many players thanks to the web portal. This reference was always only and exclusively in the Java version. Even though since Mojang They have not commented on anything regarding the removal of the message from the game code, you can get a sense of why. 4chan is a controversial website by the environment generated by the users and by the content that is shared. It would not be surprising that since Mojang they would have wanted unlink reference to 4chan from the Java edition of Minecraft, since it is still a game for all audiences.


This is not the first time that certain content has been removed from the Java version of Minecraft in new updates. A few years ago, a patch removed the references to Notch himself from the home screen for having become a controversial public figure by promoting inappropriate comments on networks. These messages were “Notch’s work” O “Created by Notch”. Remember that Notch has been unrelated to Minecraft since sold Mojang for $ 2.5 billion to Microsoft.

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