Markus Persson, better known as Notch, has once again sparked controversy on social networks following comments against Minecraft, the sandbox of construction and adventures that he himself created. Using your personal Twitter account, the developer has charged against the video game and ensuring that is “a little dead”.

“It will not be me who speaks ill of the dead, but yes, Minecraft He’s a little dead, “Notch said in a tweet recently published. After the controversy raised, the creator of the game clarified that it does not refer to those people who continue playing daily, but to the official support: “If he’s still alive for you, great! Rocket Arena 3 is still alive for me “, he ended up exemplifying with the mod of Quake 3 released in 2000.

Among those who have not taken Notch’s words very well is Cliff Bleszinski, video game designer known for creating the franchise Gears of War: “It is a bit dodgy that you speak ill of the company that bought your freedom,” Bleszinski began by saying, and continued:Gears it’s rubbish now. ‘ No, I want to see that my baby is doing well. To, seriously, WTF?“.

Notch also laughs at Sonic’s DLC for Minecraft

That comment is not the only one that Notch has charged against Minecraft Lately: the creator of the game has also wanted to refer to the Sonic DLC that was recently announced for the sandbox to celebrate its 30th anniversary and is now available. “I’m not even going to apologize for this one”Notch said, citing the news of this additional content.

Notch no longer has any kind of relationship with Minecraft, something that in fact the current makers of the game wanted to make clear when they removed references to its original creator and did not invite him to the tenth anniversary of its launch. His connection with the game ended when he sold the company to Microsoft in 2014 for 2.5 billion dollars, at which point he left the project and became known for his controversies on Twitter, such as when he claimed that “there is a campaign against the man white “or when he said that those who are against heterosexual pride are” assholes who deserve a shot. “

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