Chris Capossela, the marketing director of Microsoft and executive vice president of Marketing and Consumer Business, has recently spoken about the video game industry and Xbox Game Pass at a conference for the Evercore ISI TMT Conference.

Chris Capossela is very proud of the performance of the Xbox Game Pass and offers some updated data

The marketing manager has mentioned that it is a great fan of video games and you love how committed you are to Microsoft with this business. Something that, from his point of view, is a huge business. Chris Capossela consider that in the past each player felt very comfortable and linked to a specific system, whether it was a console Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and even the PC. Today, due to the technological improvement and the appearance of new devices like smart phones, few play on one system and tend not to test all platforms.

Chris Capossela

Capossela comment that since Microsoft have tried to change the business model the way they approach games to put the player in the spotlight. In this way the Xbox Game Pass, in which we can access hundreds of games paying a monthly fee. Game Pass It allows you to play a large catalog with almost no limitations and you don’t have to buy the games if you don’t want to. Simply the user can play the game and decide for himself if he wants to acquire it in the future or stay with the experience of Game Pass. In addition, it emphasizes the Game Pass accessibilityas the higher level subscription allows to play in streaming from phones Android and soon to be tested on iPhone, iPad and browser.

Game Pass is a service that can be accessed from many different routes, so It is much more focused on the games themselves than on the system from which you can play them. The most recent issues highlight a total of 18 million Game Pass subscribers worldwide. Chris Capossela He further mentions that the company’s revenue from the games has increased by 50%, something that has been possible mainly because of the subscriptions and the content they offer. Finally, it clarifies that the Xbox Game Pass allows players to discover a 30% ms de gneros and that users are playing 40% more games in general thanks to your subscription. The service allows developers that many more users discover their product and that they can enjoy it, so it is a model in which both publishers and players win.

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