The E3 2021 fair is a couple of weeks away from kicking off. As is tradition, rumors and leaks Possible announcements to be made at major conferences are the order of the day. The expectations on the part of the users are very high and they are eager to know more details about titles already announced and new ones that are to be announced. The new rumor from E3 comes from a insider de Xbox, which has said that since Microsoft they plan to announce, at a minimum, five new big budget games and of great importance.

Insider Claims Five Triple-A Titles Will Be Announced At Xbox Conference

Microsoft has already announced its participation in the E3 of this year and it is hoped that it will be one of the most relevant conferences of the event. There are not few rumors and hearsay around the conference of Xbox: we have heard since Starfield will be planned for this year as a console exclusive for the Microsoft, until Ryse 2 could be in development and will be seen. The acquaintance insider from Xbox, Klobrille, recently dropped on the Xbox Era forum to provide more information about the conference. According to him, he is aware that there are at least five Triple A games to be revealed, although it also indicates that plans may vary and there is nothing for sure.


Some of the titles to be announced would be more anticipated than others. The insider wanted to add that it is logical to expect new gameplays and trilers at the conference Xbox of video games that are scheduled to be released in the near future, especially between the remainder of the year and the following year. In the absence of knowing more information or being able to verify the veracity of what we have, we can only speculate. What titles do you think they are about if they are true?

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