Microsoft Flight Simulator prepares to welcome the update 5, with which Asobo Studio and Microsoft have wanted to focus on the performance of the title. In this way, the patch aims to improve the frame rate of the game, while the CPU is less crashed. In this way, the CEO of Asobo Studio, Sebastian Wloch, wanted to make a demonstration of the improvements that this fifth update would introduce, performing a comparison between the current version of the game and the next.

Microsoft Flight Simulator, improving its execution

Through a live broadcast, made on the official Asobo channel on Twitch, Wloch has shared the images of his own PC: it is composed of an Intel Core i7-900K CPU and an NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2060 Super GPU, with which he runs the game on Ultra graphics settings with 4K upscaling. During the test video, Wloch can be seen flying over Manhattan, with on-screen specs showing that the game’s frame rate ranges from 30 to 40 frames per second. We can also see that your CPU runs at 100% capacity, while your GPU runs at 50-75%. This is the current version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

However, Wloch switches to Update 5 features and enhancements, using the same PC with the same graphics settings. Now, Microsoft Flight Simulator runs at a frame rate 55-60 frames per second. In turn, your CPU and GPU have traded their efforts: the GPU is now running at 100% capacity, while the CPU hovers around 75%.

Asobo improves Microsoft Flight Simulator performance

You can even run other things in the background, which will no longer cause your sim to stutter, “says Wloch.” On my computer it increases from 20 to 30 frames per second, with 25% CPU freed up in the system. “Update 5 is expected to debut along with the Series X and S versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator July 27th, so it seems that these new consoles will also benefit from these improvements.

This is not the only novelty that the Xbox Series X / S versions of the game receive: Microsoft has also incorporated a whole series of features that improve accessibility for console users. “Asobo Studio’s aviation simulator is a game photorealistic, ambitious, relaxing and surprising, but not for that reason lacking in flaws “, we wrote in our analysis. m

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