Xbox y Bethesda today hold their joint conference of the E3 2021, an event that will begin at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) and that among its advertisements may hide the expected release date from Microsoft Flight Simulator en Xbox Series X/S y Xbox One. Moreover, according to latest rumors, the arrival of this aviation simulator not only will it be announced today, but it will also be very close, probably throughout this month.

One of the clues that make us think that the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator on consoles it is imminent is that Tom Warren, editor de The Verge, posted a video today showing how his Xbox mobile app Now lets you install the game on both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The availability of pre-download of game files on consoles could indicate a very close release date, although it should be said that it is not available for all players and probably if you go to look for the game in your app it still won’t come out.

In fact, as you can see in the thread of tweets inserted above, Warren himself assures that Xbox has already shown specialized media the trailer of Microsoft Flight Simulator to publish today at his E3 2021 conference. According to the journalist, the video is recorded at 4K on Xbox Series X and ends with a sentence indicating that it will be coming soon to Xbox Series X / S.

June 15 as the release date of Microsoft Flight Simulator on consoles?

Leaving aside the Tom Warren information, another rumor gives force to the possibility that Microsoft Flight Simulator hits Xbox Series X / S this week: the official website of the GameSpot store in Ireland has recorded the game’s release date for June 15, that is, next Tuesday. The portal has quickly removed that information from the tab, but some users have been able to capture it and you can see it below:

Microsoft Flight Simulator dated June 15 on Xbox Series X / S.

The truth is that in December of last year the Xbox itself confirm that this praised flight simulator will hit consoles in summer 2021, but did not specify a release date. Internally, it has been moving tab, registering the game in ESRB and PEGI for its classification by age. Notably all the information today speak exclusively of the arrival of Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X / S, although it is supposed to come out at the same time on Xbox One.

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