It has been a long time -since 2018- that some insiders they come rumored Metroid Prime Trilogy for Nintendo Switch, a supposed collection with all three Metroid Prime on the current Nintendo platform; it even appeared in some stores. However, the years go by and the remastering is not confirmed, to the point of despair many fans. Mike Wilkan, who was lead designer on the first three Primes until he left Retro, has replied to a fan about the possibility of viewing the collection and His answer is more skeptical than you might expect.

In response to a comment on Facebook about the rumor, Wilkan cites as the main problem to see Metroid Prime in the current console the complexity of moving the motion controls from the third game, a “Herculean effort” that Nintendo was likely to discard; instead, adding this control for the first two in the Wii trilogue was a breeze.

“That [llevar la triloga a Switch] It will take a lot of effort, I am quite skeptical of it happening. It was easy to update MP1 Y MP2 to control by movements, but turn into MP3 classic control is a huge effortbecause it is highly specifically programmed to use volumetric triggers that precisely detect motion to perform specific actions, and the heads are tuned to account for ease of pointing with gestures. “

Major code changes will be needed

The designer ensures that the Switch controls will not be able to replicate the mechanics of Prime 3 – not at least directly – and this adaptation would need to be forcibly programmed. “The main problem is that Retro no longer has functional tools to work on the code of Prime, everything must be done ‘brute force’ in the code. “Reconstruct hundreds of interactions in just MP3, and adapt it to the rhythm of a conventional control, “it will take a year with a team of 4-5 people”. Wilkan therefore does not consider it impossible, but believes that Nintendo is not working on the adaptation.

In 2018 Inram Khan -at that time editor of Game Informer- assured that Metroid Prime Trilogy HD was planned to be announced at The Game Awards in 2018, the approximate date on which it was rebooted. Metroid Prime 4. At the beginning of 2019 Nintendo confirmed that the project was starting from scratch in the hands of Retro, and some sources such as Liam Robertson, from the YouTube channel DidYouKnowGaming they speculated that the collection was finished but its delay is due to the long development of Metroid Prime 4. For its part, Metroid Prime 4 We do not know details or approximate release date either.

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