On this day, a June 13, 2017, Nintendo first displayed the logo of Metroid Prime 4 thus confirming its existence and its development for Switch. Much has happened since then, including a restart of their production that is now in the hands of Retro studios, original makers of the saga, and with the Nintendo Direct del E3 2021 just around the corner -Tuesday June 15 at 6:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) – many wonder if this year we will see new information on this long-awaited video game.

Below these lines you can see the primer teaser triler de Metroid Prime 4, the one with whom the project was presented four years ago. They are only 40 seconds of video, but the first thousands were enough for fans of the franchise to recognize what they were seeing: when the iconic music began to play and the galaxy in the background began to clear up, the acrimony of this franchise knew that they were facing a new game in the saga Metroid. This logo is the only thing we have seen of the project in four years.

After this announcement It took almost two years before we had news from Metroid Prime 4, although they were not especially positive: Nintendo published a video in which they announced that the project was in a “state of problematic development” and they decided restart it counting on Retro Studios, although keeping the producer, Kensuke Tanabe. In that video they explained that the project did not reach the level required by Nintendo for this saga and that the restart affected the estimated release of the game.

We will see news of Metroid Prime 4 at the Nintendo Direct of E3 2021?

As more than two years have passed since its reboot, there are many voices that suggest that Maybe Retro Studios could show news from Metroid Prime 4 on Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct, taking into account that throughout the past year he made several great signings and taking advantage of the fact that in 2021 35 years since the launch of the first game of this iconic franchise. It is said that this celebratory gap could be occupied by another game, a Metroid 2D developed by the Spanish studio Mercury Steam, although nothing prevents that there are two titles of the series in the same event, especially considering that it coincides with the anniversary of this franchise.

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