Last February Epic Games surprised with MetaHuman Creator, a new tool for Unreal Engine that allows you to design virtual humans quickly and with great realism, a job that normally takes weeks or months; it is especially interesting for designing secondary characters or citizens in an open world. It is now available to developers, although in the early access phase.

Epic will offer more than 50 characters designed out of the box., although the interesting thing is the simplicity to modify its parameters without losing quality, fully articulated, with hair and clothes, in a matter of minutes. “The MetaHumans can run in real time on powerful PCs with RTX graphics, even at their highest quality, detailed hair and ray-tracing. The content comes with eight LODs – different versions with more or less detail – for real-time performance on everything from Android to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. “

The MetaHumans are also prepared for facial and full animation, using Unreal Engine in the more classic style or using motion capture tools, such as the application for iOS Live Link Face. On the Epic Games page we can read all the documentation to master these tools.

Save a lot of time for developers

“Bringing compelling digital humans to life in real time is incredibly challenging and time consuming. It can take months of research, expensive scanning equipment, and an army of tech artists. What if we could make the process radically simpler, faster and more scalable, without compromising on quality?“Epic explained in their announcement.

That is another step for the company to launch Unreal Engine 5, which will arrive throughout the year, with much-anticipated news such as the ability to import millions or billions of polygons without compromising performance.

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