There is still to see Metroid Prime 4 on Nintendo Switch after its last restart in 2019, when it passed into the hands of Retro Studios, although some rumors assure that we will soon see another project in the saga – a 2D Metroid has been rumored by the Spanish team MercurySteam, developers of the trilogue. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow-. In any case, Nintendo fans look forward to learning more about the adventures of Samus Aran, and one group has recorded their own live-action short film –Metroid: Attack of Ridley– which you can see below.

Ainsley Bircher plays Samus on this journey across the cold planet SR422 to repair her suit. Unfortunately there he will meet his arch nemesis Ridley, recreated with digital effects. The video is barely 8 minutes long but it takes more work than meets the eye. The team has also featured a “how it was done” video about the shoot.

Not the first Metroid short

In the absence of news about a Nintendo movie or series, which is now more open to adapting its licenses, the Metroid community has repeatedly imagined what Samus’ leap to the big screen would be like. In 2015 another Metroid short was published that on that occasion starred Jessica Chobot, Metroid: The Sky Calls, and most recently actress Brie Larson –Captain Marvel– and director Jordan Vogt-Roberts –Kong: Skull Island and the next movie of Metal Gear Solid– talked about their interests in tackling the Nintendo license.

“I would love it,” Larson said of playing the character in the movies. “I went to Samus two Halloween ago. It was a $ 20 costume that I bought on Amazon; it was nothing special, but I was so excited that I posted pictures on Instagram with the costume. It has always been the character I chose in Super Smash Bros. and I’m lovin ‘it”. With all this it is clear that “I definitely want to do that movie. I want to participate in it. So Nintendo, I’d love to do it!“.

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