Mass Effect: Legendary Edition It will go on sale on May 14 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One – with some improvements on the new consoles – collecting the first three games of the series in a remastered collection. Users will have available from day one an 11.8 GB update that promises optimizations in performance, lighting and effects. Specifically, the list of confirmed improvements is as follows:

  • Performance improvements.
  • Improved stability and crash solution.
  • Improvements in environmental occlusion.
  • Lighting, visual and performance improvements.
  • Various content fixes.

As can be expected, Legendary Edition includes all downloadable content – except for a couple of exceptions, such as multiplayer on Mass Effect 3– with various graphical enhancements, especially in the older game, that go beyond a smoother rate and better resolution. Changing certain models of main characters and settings, brings new textures, unifies the color palette between the three titles, among other changes.

There is another type of polish that affects the experience, such as a revamped interface, reduced loading times, more options in the creation of Shepard, improvements in the response of the controls, in the coverage system and in the camera (closer to the main character). You can also give separate orders to different party members in the first game, and the Mako vehicle is easier to control.

Relive the saga, or discover it looking better than ever

“Everything indicates that he will achieve his goal of allowing us to relive or discover for the first time one of the most important trilogas in the history of videogames in the best possible conditions thanks to a good facelift and numerous small improvements that promise to give us the perfect excuse to immerse ourselves once again in this fascinating universe “, we have in our impressions of this remastering.

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