The multiplayer of Mass Effect 3 has been the only weight content removed in the remastered collection of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, now on sale on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. However, BioWare has on occasion stated that its inclusion in the future was not ruled out depending on the reception to Legendary Edition and the actual demand among the players. “Later we will wonder if we have the time and resources to bring it to life in the way that both fans and we want to do it,” said Mac Walters, project director. According to the latest rumor, your announcement will occur in two months.

Shpeshal Ed of XboxEra has assured on Twitter that the multiplayer mode of the third Mass Effect be announced on EA Play, the Electronic Arts event that takes place on July 22. “There are many possibilities of the announcement / presentation of the multiplayer of Mass Effect 3 on Legendary Edition on EA Play, “it says in the message.

No doubt the game is reaping success, both in criticism and in sales. “Instead of going easy, at BioWare they have taken their work very seriously and have introduced all kinds of improvements and adjustments that have ended up giving it an incredible visual appearance and in line with current times, but without altering the slightest bit. the essence of the originals “, we tell you in the analysis.

Graphics, control and more improvements

Legendary Edition it is supports 4K resolutions, with improvements to visual effects, textures and patterns, updated user interface and much more. The first Mass Effect is the most benefited by these graphical and playable changes, so for example the aiming, the physics and the shootings will be more similar to Mass Effect 2 Y Mass Effect 3. The control of the Mako vehicle has also been revised, which was one of the most criticized aspects in the original, although there is the option of using the classic mode.

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