We can say that the launch of Mass Effect Legendary Edition it was “ass”. Not because in terms of sales and reception this remastering of the original science fiction trilogy has fared badly; but I know because part of the discussion that revolved around the game came from BioWare’s decision to remove certain direct shots to the characters’ asses. The reason? Part of the community was not satisfied with this representation of certain protagonists, as in the case of Miranda Lawson. Butts are now put back on the table (literally) after a modder have included all the ass plans in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The best? Which he has done after creating a mod in the past that removed these camera angles.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition, of asses and planes

Not all players liked the hype fan service that could be seen in the Mass Effect originals. That is why, in 2018, Scottina123 launched the mod called No More Butt Shots, which it eliminated all of a sudden all the free plans to the asses of the characters in the original games. In fact, on the original page of this mod, Scottina123 went so far as to state that the positioning of the camera bothered them and that “He was extremely disrespectful to the character of Miranda”.

Well, it seems that your opinion on this seems to have changed a lot in 2021. With the launch of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, BioWare was commissioned to remove these plans after hearing complaints from players. The surprise comes when the same modder Scottina123 reappears on the scene to do the opposite of what he did in 2018: has created a mod that re-adds the direct shots to the asses in Mass Effect 2 y 3. This means that players who download this mod will be able to play the remastered versions with the original camera angles.

Mass Effect Asses, BioWare Opinion

“I think a lot has changed since [los juegos originales], I don’t know if they will say that we were very worried about this kind of thing, but we have only taken it into consideration, “explains Mac Walters, project director, in a talk that took place before the launch of the Legendary Edition, where Kevin Meek, stage director also participated. like Why is he focusing on Miranda’s butt? (…) So in some cases we said ok, we can change something here“.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is responsible for providing players with remastered 4K graphics and better character modeling. It is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. “A very careful and essential remastering”, we wrote in our analysis. To help you in this adventure, we also present our complete guide.

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