Mass Effect Legendary Edition has debuted on Steam with 59,650 simultaneous players, achieving the highest record for a BioWare title in this store. In fact there is only one other Electronic Arts game that surpasses this premiere and that is Apex Legends (330,879 players), a battle royale gratuitous. To achieve this figure, two factors are united: the return of a much loved trilogue, with certain graphic and playable improvements -especially in the first one-, and that for years -from 2011 to 2019- EA has been absent from Steam to give priority to your Origin platform. The first Mass Effect achieved 2,792 players and Mass Effect 2 about 2,275; instead, Mass Effect 3 (659 players) and Mass Effect: Andromeda (3,590 players) were only added to Steam last year.

In physical format and in the UK has been the most sold during the last week, although it did so with half the units that Resident Evil 8: Village a few days before. However, a large percentage of sales are expected to be in digital distribution so store sales data is no longer as representative of the success or failure of a game.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is quite an example of how to do a good remastering. Instead of going easy, BioWare have taken their work very seriously and have introduced all kinds of improvements and adjustments that have ended up giving it an incredible visual appearance and in line with the current times, but without altering the slightest bit of appearance. essence of the originals. In addition, they have taken the trouble to introduce a good number of playable and quality of life improvements to make them more enjoyable at the controls and have united the saga with small but grateful details such as the unification of the character editor “, we have in analysis.

The new Mass Effect is already in development

After the commercial and critical blunder of Andromeda, BioWare continues to trust the saga and after Dragon Age They will launch a new Mass Effect project. Little is known about the game, for which there are years left: “A team of veterans has been working on shaping the next chapter in the universe of Mass Effectsaid Casey Hudson of BioWare, before leaving the study. “We are still in the early stages of development and I can’t say more yet, but we are looking forward to sharing more details with you.”

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