Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has been put on sale today for PS4, Xbox One y PC at a price that in Spain amounts to 69.99 euros for consoles and 59.99 euros for computers. This new compilation includes all the content of the BioWare space role-playing trilogue, with graphical, playable and technical improvements, but fans have missed one of the most popular additions: the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3.

This popular online mode is not available in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, but since BioWare does not rule out introducing it eventually. This has been assured Mac Walters, project manager, in an interview with CNET: “I will never say no”, says about a possible arrival of the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect 3 to this remastered collection.

Not that this collection needs more content, actually, because we’ve already checked the length of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition We will need about 88 hours to complete the three games and all their DLCWe can even go to 200 if we want to play in completist mode.

First they will evaluate the desire of multiplayer mode, then their resources

Walters explains that now, with the arrival of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to the market, they will evaluate how many players really want this online mode to return and will make a decision accordingly: “We want to see what kind of reception you have Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and what is the real demand for multiplayer “, he says in the interview, where he also talks about the amount of resources needed for a project of this magnitude: “Later we will ask ourselves if we have the time and the necessary resources to bring it to life in the way that both the fans and we want to. “

At the moment Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is meeting expectations of the community of fans of the saga, since, as we said in our analysis, it is “an example of how to do a good remastering” and “an essential product which offers us one of the best trilogas in the history of videogames in a luxury packaging “.

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