EA Play Live It will be held on July 22, with its previous starting at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). Although this appointment will be dedicated to showing new details of Battlefield 2042, the new installment of the war saga, is also expected to provide information on upcoming EA sports games. However, there will be two major absences at this event: Mass Effect 4 Y Dragon Age 4, who will not be present. This has been confirmed by the development studio, BioWare, promising that they are working hard on both projects.

BioWare confirms its absence from EA Play Live

We are working hard to create the next games of Dragon Age Y Mass Effect, and we have some exciting things for Star Wars: The Old Republic this year “, wrote the study this past Thursday, through its official Twitter account. In this sense, the team has presented the new content that will be released soon for SWTOR: the expansion Legacy of the Sith, featuring a new story, final missions, combat system and character improvements, and more features.

In this way, the hopes of BioWare fans to enjoy new details of Mass Effect Y Dragon Age this month they fall on deaf ears. About the futuristic science fiction game, at the end of last year we learned that veterans of the Mass Effect saga had returned to BioWare to work on this new installment. At the moment, all we have seen of this project is a first preview, which offered a brief look to what we can expect from this title.

Y Dragon Age 4?

The fantasy role-playing game has shown more details. In fact, recently we were able to enjoy a new artistic concept that allowed us to see a first sketch of one of the game’s characters. It must be remembered that this delivery will no longer be a game as a service, thus dispensing with the online elements. Meanwhile, an official BioWare book revealed that Tevinter will be one of the locations that we can visit in Dragon Age 4.

“We are in the early stages of the project and we can’t say anything more yet, but we are looking forward to sharing our vision of where we will go next, “they said from BioWare when talking about Mass Effect 4. It seems that both titles are still in a very early stage of development, and the studio will choose to wait for the appropriate date to show more content. It should be noted, in this sense, that EA Play Live will focus on games that are “coming out soon”.

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