Mass Effect: Legendary Edition It’s on sale now, with improved graphics and the entire trilogy that a generation of gamers fell in love with more than a decade ago. But even with titles so well known and analyzed by fans there are secrets that had not yet been discovered, such as the easter egg from Mass Effect 3 recently revealed by Richard Boisvert on Reddit. Boisvert was a BioWare developer who hid this curiosity at the close of the trilogue: “Ten years ago I put a easter egg on the Mars mission of ME3, and as far as I know, no one had noticed “.

To activate this joke Shepard must walk a specific path between the solar panels at the beginning of the mission on Mars., a path that he has shown in his Reddit post. If it runs correctly the player will meet a small robot: approach Shepard and make a kind of greeting. Although Boisvert does not give much more explanation or the robot model, Kotaku speculates that it was a guide to Opportunity, the only one of the three rovers that were functional on the release dates of Mass Effect 3 in 2012 – Curiosity landed on Mars several months later, in August of that year.

It is true that, in principle, there was no news of how to activate this easter egg, but the existence of rover it was not totally unknown. Last year one player discovered, using a free chamber mod, the location of the small rover out of bounds accessible by the player, but did not know what to do to activate their animation.

A stupendous remastering of a memorable trilogy

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition it’s quite an example of how to do a good remastering. Instead of going easy, BioWare have taken their work very seriously and have introduced all kinds of improvements and adjustments that have ended up giving it an incredible visual appearance and in keeping with the current times, but without altering the slightest bit of appearance. essence of the originals, “we counted in the review.” In addition, they have gone to the trouble of introducing a number of playable and quality-of-life improvements to make them more enjoyable at the controls and have coalesced the saga with small but grateful details such as character editor unification. Summarizing, an essential product that offers us one of the best trilogues in the history of video games in a luxury packaging, which equates to over 80 hours of pure enjoyment with which you can relive or discover for the first time the journey that made Shepard and the Normandy crew true legends of the industry. “

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