Marvel’s Avengers It was updated last Tuesday with patch 1.8.0 to invite Spanish players and players from around the world to enjoy new content in this new adventure. However, the Crystal Dynamics game now has a very serious and potentially dangerous bug: shows the IP address of the players on the screen, as users have pointed out on social networks. The update went live on Tuesday morning, and since then, players have been reporting this issue to the studio.

Marvel’s Avengers it has an error that shows your IP on the screen

“Honestly, it is one of the worst bugs I have heard of,” said Paul Tassi of Forbes on his social networks, accompanying his words with a screenshot where, in effect, you can see the user’s IP address in the play. The game’s official Twitter account has confirmed that there is indeed a problem with “a floating text string”. From Crystal Dynamics advise players to stop broadcasting the game.

“We are aware of the problem in which a floating text string appears on the screen and we are investigating it, “wrote the development studio from the game’s official account.” Thanks for the reports! Please refrain from broadcasting for now if you have this problem. “At the moment, Crystal Dynamics is working on resolving the issue and will notify you when it has been resolved through their social networks.

They advise to stop broadcasting the game

Revealing our IP address is very dangerousas you can provide personal information about us. For example, through this code it is possible to know the approximate location of the user; know the Internet provider we use; and we can suffer DDoS attacks, which will take control of our equipment from us. In addition, through it you can perform a scan to find out what other functions are being operated on the equipment and, thus, extract more user data. In the case of streamers, in addition, they put them at risk of receiving a “swatting call”.

At the moment, it remains to wait for Crystal Dynamics to solve the problem. To avoid risks, it is best not to broadcast the game until this bug is fixed. We remind you that it is already available the Cosmic Cube upgrade, and this summer we will also receive the War for Wakanda expansion.

“The Avengers return with a spectacular and entertaining action game that their fans will love, but which still has many things to polish,” we wrote in our analysis. You can also consult our complete guide tips and tricks around here.

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