Crystal Dynamics announced last week that the next Dec. 18 an update will be released to Marvel’s Avengers that, among other things, increase the amount of experience we will need to get to level up, which will the process of reaching level 50 with our heroes is a longer and more expensive task.

A controversial change

As expected, This announcement has not sat well in the community, who see this change as a poor attempt to artificially lengthen all this in order to try to get users to play more hours to a title that is failing to retain its players and that is usually abandoned within a few weeks, something that is little less than a death sentence for a work with a game-as-a-service model.

Given the controversy generated, Crystal Dynamics wanted to explain in a little more detail the reasons why they are going to make this change, although the excuse they have given does not seem to calm the spirits of the community: “We want to clarify the details about the changes that we are going to make in relation to the experience system: we are not going to change it for the simple fact of increasing the ‘grind’“, can be read in a statement from the company.

La justificacin de Crystal Dynamics

“The problem we are seeing and hearing is that you get more skill points than you have time to review, apply and get used to before embarking on your next mission and moving up more levels. I hope you can see the problem with this. We want people to level up, but we don’t want the leveling experience to be too overwhelming or detract from acquiring new skills. “

As explained in the statement, The changes that have been made are designed so that it takes between 2 and 4 missions to go up each level from 25, when today it is perfectly possible to climb between one and two levels for each successful mission. In total, they calculate that reaching the maximum level will take between 3 and 5 hours longer than it would currently take.

The Avengers game

Marvel’s Avengers is an action game that allows us to embody some of the most famous and popular Marvel heroes to team up with other players and overcome all kinds of missions. It is currently available in PC, PS4 y Xbox One, although it will also reach PS5 and Xbox Series X / S on March 18, the same day this controversial patch is released, the experience system will change.

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