Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit It is one of the most original proposals that Nintendo has launched for its hybrid console. It is neither more nor less than a augmented reality game system that allows users to create their own circuits of Mario Kart in the living room of their houses. Although its price is not within the reach of all pockets, those who have been able to acquire it have unleashed their creativity with all kinds of impossible and very original circuits. The title has received a new update without prior notice and this has added a multitude of content for free.

The title has received the Mario Cup and the Super Yoshi kart

The new update of Mario Kart Live is 1.1.0 and from the Nintendo of America page they have detailed that it performs general changes to improve video game enjoyment. However, beyond the improvements, it has also added a new Mario Cup to Grand Prix mode. The new cup includes three brand-new, totally untainted tracks: Slip Circuit, Barrel Temple, and Fossil Field. Slip Circuit, as its own name describes, adds a new difficulty along the way: oil spills that can cause us to slip and lose control of driving. Barrel Temple it’s a clue with theme of Donkey Kong in which there is barrels rolling down the track, while Fossil Field has a prehistoric setting and we can find geysers that will push us to the sides of the track if we collide with them.

The news does not end here. The update also adds a new kart Super Yoshi and a horn; Both items are unlockable if the player beats the new Mario Cup in third place at least. If you have the opportunity to try out these new tracks, remember to keep the karts of your cats, as they do not seem to be to your liking. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe holds the throne as the best-selling video game on Nintendo Switch with over 35.59 million units sold around the world, quite a feat considering that it is an original Nintendo Wii U game. The saga is at its best, so it would not be unreasonable to think that Nintendo had already been developing a new installment for several years.

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