Marbella Vice It was presented at the end of last March and this past Sunday was its grand opening. It is a role-playing server for Grand Theft Auto V created by the spanish streamer Ibai Llanos, which has the company of 150 content creators to make this project a reality. The debut managed to count on the warmth of the public, after register almost 1 million viewers in his golden minute. AuronPlay topped the most viewed list with an audience of nearly 300,000 users. As indicated by the Twitter account TVTOP Spain:

Marbella Vice opens with the warmth of the public

After projects like Egoland O Arcadia, Spanish streamers get together to play together on the server Marbella Vice from Grand Theft Auto 5. The goal is to stand a role-playing game between the participants, but in a relaxed way and without pressure. “You won’t have to follow your character’s story 100%, if in a moment you leave the role for whatever it is nothing will happen, it’s going to be a very soft roleplay“.

The server has been created by the hand of Ibai and with the help of Jacky (also known as CooLifeGame). In turn, they have had the support of the creators of the server Outsiders, which is one of the most popular of GTA Roleplay. AuronPlay, who has been roaming the GTA role scene before, was the most watched with almost 300,000 viewers during the inauguration of Marbella Vice; followed by own Ibai Llanos with more than 127,000 users following your broadcast. The top 3 closes it TheGrefg with almost 100,000 viewers.

Then we leave you a list with all the participants that are now part of Marbella Vice:

The 150 members of Marbella Vice

  • Ibai
  • CooLifeGame
  • rubius
  • Cristinini
  • JuanSGuarnizo
  • AgentMaxo
  • AriaGameplays
  • Folagor
  • Carola
  • Zeling
  • The Grefg
  • DjMariio
  • Spursito
  • Auronplay
  • Perxita
  • Ges
  • Carolina April
  • Vicens
  • Ampeterby
  • Elchurches
  • Minus thirteen
  • Luh
  • HIT GG
  • Bladecito
  • Destroy
  • Ded
  • Hardy
  • Trolero
  • Outconsumer
  • Morphains
  • Gemma
  • Davilin
  • Zunk
  • Alkapone
  • Lakshart Nia
  • Chuty
  • Pieces
  • Blon
  • Head
  • Chat
  • Force
  • Errec
  • Mister Ego
  • Khan
  • Dylantero
  • ElXokas
  • MK
  • Acenix
  • The insane
  • The AFK Expert
  • Gnesis
  • Agustin51
  • Withzack
  • Lazypopa
  • storehouse
  • Paracetamor
  • Silithur
  • The Catacroquer
  • Zorman
  • Cell dust
  • The Fox
  • Barbeq
  • Mega
  • Tanizen
  • Mery Soldier
  • Alvaro845
  • Reydama
  • Albii Prz
  • Knekro
  • Illojuan
  • Other
  • Selene
  • Werlyb
  • D3stri
  • Dtoke
  • Lit Killah
  • Momonkun
  • Elemao
  • Mayichi
  • Biyin
  • Srta Moore
  • Violeta G
  • Leviathan
  • Byviruzz
  • Sukua

Marbella Vice: The role of GTA Online with spanish youtubers

The purpose of this server is bring together all these Spanish internet personalities, and carry out all kinds of events with them while they all develop a story related to the GTA universe. “The important thing is that everyone is with their colleagues“, Ibai continued explaining,” who come across content creators in the middle of Los Santos or in the middle of Marbella in this case and for each one to build their own story “.

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